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Now extend the throughput of your wireless network to the places where you face the issue of low signal strength or low wireless network speeds by introducing d-link extenders. D-Link wireless range extenders increase the reach of your existing wireless network by extending it to the maximum distance. These wireless range extenders basically pick up the wireless network signal from the wireless router and repeat or extend it to the dead zones. Dead zones are the locations where you face low network speed issue. So we will discuss about d-link wifi extender setup wizard and various d-link wifi extenders. We will also talk about d-link dap 1320 setup wizard, d-link dap 1520 setup wizard, and their newer versions.


As d-link wireless range extenders are supported by d-link wifi extender setup wizard, so it becomes easy for a user to set up a d-link wireless range extender. D-link wifi extender setup wizard is basically a web-based interface which is responsive and user-friendly too. Even users can now configure the settings of their wireless network by their own. Once you access the d-link wifi extender setup wizard, it will smoothly take you through the setup instructions and you will end up setting up your device in very less time and without facing any difficulty.


In this section, we will discuss about d-link wifi extender setup wizard. D-link dap 1320 setup wizard is very user-friendly because of the graphical web-based user interface and if we talk about d-link 1330 setup wizard, it is more responsive and more user-friendly than d-link dap 1320 setup wizard because it was introduced as a newer version of d-link dap1320. We will also discuss about d-link dap 1520 setup wizard and d-link dap 1360 setup wizard but before that, we will discuss the basic setup and wireless network configuration of d-link wifi range extender.


So now we will discuss the d-link wifi extender setup process. We have mentioned the basic instructions that you need to follow while d-link wireless range extender setup process. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully so as to avoid any difficulty while attempting to set up the d-link wireless range extender.

We have mentioned the whole process into three different phases so that it becomes easy for you to understand the whole process.

Hardware set-up

So this is the very first phase in the process of the d-link wifi extender setup process. This is the basic set up that you need to go through.

  • First of all, take out the d-link device and other content out of the box.
  • Now connect the range extender to the computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Plug the one end of the cable into the range extender and another end into the computer. Make sure you use RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Cable for this setup.
  • After this, plug the range extender into the power outlet and turn it On.


Login process

Now that you have completed the basic hardware setup, we will move on to the d-link wifi extender login process. We have mentioned the instructions using the d-link dap 1330 setup wizard.

  • Go to the computer and open a web browser on it.
  • On the top of the Internet browser, you will see an address bar. Enter the default web address dlinkap.local into the address bar. The web address dlinkap.local can be access only if you are connected to the d-link wifi extender.
  • Now you will be taken to the dlinkap.local login page where you will see a small login window asking for extender username and password.
  • Enter the device login credentials into the login fields and click Login.
    NOTE: If you don’t know the device login credentials, look for the wireless label at the bottom of the device. You will see the wireless network and device information written over there. You can even note down the whole information because you will need this at the time of the setup process.
  • If you can see the d-link dap 1330 setup wizard, it means you have successfully logged into the device.

You can use the above-mentioned instructions even if you are logging into the d-link dap 1360 setup wizard or d-link dap 1530 setup wizard. The process is the same for all d-link wifi extenders.


Device setup

Now, this is the last phase in the d-link wifi extender setup process. After you log into the d-link wifi extender make sure you follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully.

  • After you log into the d-link wifi extender setup wizard, you will see d-link ap setup homepage on your screen.
  • On d-link ap setup home page, look for the quick setup.
  • Navigate to the d-link ap setup wizard and your device will start scanning for the available wireless networks in your location.
  • Locate your home wifi and select to connect to it.
  • Enter the wifi password to connect to the wireless network if prompted.
  • After you connect to the wireless network your device will ask for wireless network security configuration.
  • Set up the security matching to the router’s security settings.
  • Now click Save to save the settings on your wifi extender.

Now that you have configured the network settings of your wireless extender, your device will restart so that new settings take effect on it. You will need to reconnect to the extender and run an Internet connection test to confirm whether the device is hooked up to the Internet.


This is the major issue that d-link wireless extender users face while attempting to set up the device because of configuration mistakes while configuring the device. But don’t worry, we have the solution to the query “d-link dap 1330 no internet access”.

If you face this issue anyhow, simply go for device reset. We have mentioned the instructions below to reset your d-link wifi extender.

  • Look for the reset button at the back of the wireless router.
  • Take a paperclip and press the reset button with it.
  • Hold the button for a few seconds until all LED light on the device start blinking.
  • Now release the reset button and your device will get back to the default factory settings.

Now that your device is reset, you need to reconfigure the device by following the above-mentioned instructions. If still, you are facing any issue, you need to reset the wireless router too. Maybe the Internet connection problem is arising because of the wireless router. So we are providing the instructions below to reset the wireless router. In this case, we have taken d-link wireless router.

  • Go to the d-link router setup page to reset the router. For that, you will need to log into the wireless router.
  • Enter the default IP address of your wireless router and enter the address into the address bar of the web browser.
  • You will now be taken to the d-link router login page where you need to enter the router login details into the fields.
  • This action will take you to the d-link router setup page from where you can reset the device.
  • Look for the default factory settings and your router will restart.

Now, wait for a minute while your wireless router restarts and get back to the default factory settings. You will need to reconfigure the router to hook it up to the Internet. This will surely resolve your issue.

So in this tutorial, we discussed d-link wifi extenders setup and d-link wifi extender setup wizard. We hope you go to know about the wireless range extenders and their configuration process. If you face any kind of issue, feel free to call us on our Toll-Free number and our technicians will be more than happy to assist you.